Valigia & BON TON

Valigia & BON TON

By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

Between common sense and cunning, here are the 5 rules to start without worries. The perfect one does not exist, just like the perfect outfit, that can be coded in a suitable formula for everyone. The suitcase must be suitable for the occasion, and above all it should reflect the travel habits and the circumstances in which the clothes it contains will be worn.

There are many types of travelers and as many types of suitcases connected.

There are those who would simply put the wheels and the handle to a six-door wardrobe, and those who, even for just two weeks traveling, will be satisfied with a backpack. Not even the formula that virtue lies in between applies. Because the theme is not how many things to pack, but with what criteria doing it.

So here are five rules that regardless of specific cases, can be useful, now that travel is finally a reality again.

Always buy a good suitcase. It doesn't matter that it is a coordinated set at all costs, but for a few days it will be the container of our comforts, our looks, somehow also of our dreams: choose it in the right size, with the right options that also reflect our obsessions and our takeaway comfort zone, it already is the first step for a trip without too many obstacles.

The material of the suitcase is everything: if we choose it in a light colored fabric or in a suede, it goes without saying that it cannot end up in a plane hold because we’d probably find a damaged object in our hands: those are good for car trips as we are solely responsible for where they will be placed.

If the trip is by plane and there are restrictions on luggage, it is always better to ask first: nowadays inaccuracy is not allowed. Larger than expected luggage simply does not pass. Updating your booking 5 minutes after the gate closes could turn a low-cost trip into a full-price trip.

Always take into account the idea of Smart traveling : choosing clothes that can match to create more than one look while carrying few things saves space and allows us to travel light. Accessories are everything: a necklace, sunglasses, a bag, or even a scarf are less bulky than a jacket or shirt which also needs to be ironed.

Always remember that once worn, the clothes take up a lot more volume than the perfectly folded ones on departure. And that, let's face it, we also enjoy shopping while traveling: starting with an empty suitcase for at least a third of its volume will avoid us having to buy a second one once we arrive at our destination before leaving.

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