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The city of Palmanova is a gateway between the Dolomites and the sea, a European hub of culture and traditions that now embrace Palmanova Village too and colour its streets, like the amazing murals by street artist Geometric Bang. The Village has been turned into an open-air gallery in fact, so a day’s shopping becomes an unforgettable experience of art, culture and culinary traditions.

Come and experience it and you’ll discover that in Land of Fashion Villages, every day is the right day for a treat.

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Every season brings new emotions and nuances. In the Land of Fashion, we love to experience them all to the full and now’s the time to discover the current promotions.

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Palmanova Village

Out and about in Palmanova Village

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You’ll love spending time in the streets of Palmanova Village, surrounded by authentic, carefully designed architecture inspired by the local area.


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Restaurants and Cafes

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Treat yourself to a unique experience in Palmanova Village. Enjoy a stroll through the streets to check out our stores, stop for a well-earned break in our inviting bars and restaurants, and choose from all the invaluable services that help make your shopping trip a truly unforgettable one.


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