Bon Ton and Christmas Holidays

Bon Ton and Christmas Holidays

Bon Ton and Christmas Holidays

By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

Etiquette and sense of proportion have always gone together. Since I am talking about proportions, often it is easy to make some common mistakes concerning style.

It has come to my mind today because the Christmas countdown and the search for the perfect gift have already started, and many times I received request messages about possible Christmas present ideas for friends who can’t fit into sample sizes.

As far as I am concerned, I have always believed that the curvy girls have an edge compared to the other girls. Which means that they have more fantasy, more creativity, but they need also more expedients. Simply put, that’s my thing!

Above all, lots of mistakes could be avoided just looking at ourselves with objectivity, in order to find some fashion solutions and formulas which can help to avoid useless complexes and researches of rare accessories and dresses.

The first rule, if you are wearing comfortable sizes, is not to search some clichés with a wider size of what you see. Every girl has her own appearance, having the sense of proportions is the main aim and helps to understand which part of us is more beautiful. This is the key.

The second rule concerns the criterion again: it is better to enhance what is worth to be enhanced. Whether it is the neckline, the legs, a nice face or long and soft arms: look at yourselves, don’t look around, just look for what you like and focus on that. Also the other people will focus on that detail. So it is worth to find the right shoe, the right bracelet, the right scarf, the right neckline, the right slit and the right fantasy.

There is nothing more wrong than looking for the thinnest points on our body to fit them in a stretch fabric to have a compression effect, because this will inadvertently intensify the parts on which you should work more.

Am I for or against short skirts with an important bottom? I am completely favorable indeed. It will be a matter of stockings, of how to manage the upper part of the outfit, maybe with a comfortable jacket or sweater.

High-heeled shoes will complete the perfect outfit, if you are perfectly “trained” to walk with them.

If the thinnest part is the upper part, and from the waist down you are more curvy, don’t make the mistake of “wrapping” yourself into a tight top or t-shirt, it is better to look for a harmony point.

Also the chest part will look for comfortable and soft dresses, unleashing the creativity in the research of a final balanced and proportioned effect.

Just another suggestion to all: worry about the balance sheet, do not worry about the scale!

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