By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

Christmas party, the best looks that never go wrong.

Ladies and Ladies, the countdown for Christmas has begun and with it, the whirlwind of invites for company dinners, cocktail parties, informal dinners or buffet between friends with whom you won’t be spending the 25th, reserved for the family, and many more. The results will inevitably be finding yourself ready for the January sales and with an extra size on the 7th of January. But that will be a future concern.

You can also go to Christmas parties just for a quick hello or to exchange gifts, you don’t have to spend the whole evening there, and you can just switch shoes and accessories from your office look. If there’s a dress code, it’s up to the host to decide the dress code. There’s no general rule, anything red you can find, anything sparkly (even if it’s not gold) and anything that suggests warmth, family and winter, even if you hate the cold, this time of year always has its allure.
I have five proposals to copy, interpret, post…

  1. velvet pajamas. It replaces the rigour of the tailleur and the dramatic wide-leg pants, it reminds us of the silk version, used and abused during the summer. It becomes sexy if it shows off some décolleté, but you can pair it with a turtleneck.
    Wear high heels. Furlane shoes are too much, and tennis shoes have stopped being alternative since the Spice Girls reunion. No necklaces, yes to earrings, bracelets and prosecco.
  2. Long skirt and minimal twin set. Forest colours, maybe intertwined with warm tones. Cyprus green with papal violet, vibrant green with Hermes orange, even if you don’t own any Hermes clothing, fir green with mustard yellow, maybe paired up with a coral red necklace or a red belt.
  3. miniskirt and big cardigan, the one your grandma used to knit for you, the one that just screams “Christmas holidays”. High or short neck, v neck almost as if there was no shirt, with patterns, as long as it gives off the illusion to be two sizes bigger than yours. That will be counteracted with the shortest skirt you own. Cellulite doesn’t exist over Christmas. And if it’s there, it’s under tights. Flats on your feet, à la garconne, and rain proof.
  4. Sparkling look. For the people who can get home and change in time. It can be a skirt, a cardigan or a bag. Not all three together, it’s not New Year’s yet. Dressing up for the holidays does not entail wearing actual Christmas decorations, but wearing something sparkly is definitely the right choice.
  5. Embroidery, embroidery, and even more embroidery. Designs and patches are also fine. It happens once a year, you pair it up with jeans, a total black look, tight pants and you stash it in your wardrobe until you go skiing. 

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