Countryside and Bon Ton

Countryside and Bon Ton

Countryside and Bon Ton

By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

Weekend in the countryside? Forget about jeans.

If someone invites you for a weekend in the countryside, you have to know that wearing jeans and a shabby sweater is not enough, that’s just a urban legend.

The countryside, with its slow rhythms, the delicious food, the vintage atmosphere, has the same rules of the most socialite of the city occasions and it is also an excuse to transform the whole closet by picking fabrics and colours that, matched properly, can be worn also during a metropolitan stay.

Let’s start from the NOs: stiletto heels, sheer tights, the newest purses and stretch fabrics are better under porticos and in front of the shop windows than on pebble paths or on cotto tiles. On the other hand, wear cashmere pullovers and twin sets, possibly with a shabby look with Autumn colours: rust, mud, sage green, violet-brown…which can be matched with straight trousers or skirts under the knee.

Boots: yes or no? Yes, but it’s ok also to wear classic shoes with rubber, which are perfect for a long walk with the dog.

Socks are woolen socks, coloured and super comfortable.

Above all, the loden, the boiled wool jacket, a man blue coat and a long scarf.

Pay attention: don’t fall in the trick of the matchy hat and scarf. If possible, choose always to wear one or another, avoiding the tricotted coat that it’s better on the mountains (or maybe…at home).

When the sun sets and the invitation is at home, you can wear silk or velvet loafers, dark tights, tweed or Prince of Wales fabric skirts, matched with delicate shirts. The woodcutter shirts…better leave them to woodcutters!

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