By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

These days the phrase “Black Friday” is thrown everywhere, and it makes me think of the fact that we never spoke about having black clothes in your wardrobe, a fashion choice that doesn’t wait for Friday to come around but has its own appliance every day. Easy to wear and always fashionable. The “not-colour” by default, the one who solves everything, that is okay to wear at every hour, in every size and shape, that is capable of making every outfit elegant and bold.

On a more casual look, a turtleneck with straight trousers, paired up with some sneakers during the day, quickly changes your appeal if you pair it up with another pair of shoes and a geometric necklace, if your hair is up in a bun: it will have an impact even in the more formal occasions.

In a more iconic fashion, the petite robe noir rarely fails to impress, but the choice is in the matieral: soft or tight, simple or decorated, it’s hard to mess it up. A sort of armor against any critique, virtually untouchable, if it’s not paired up with a pale skin tone, a middle part and a red lipstick. If you’re not Wednesday Addams, there’s nothing we can do.

So what’s the advice to spruce up a monochromatic

choice? The starting point will always be your own body shape, which can be enhanced or covered depending on the occasion, always bearing in mind that your proportions are the guidelines. You should avoid , for example, two oversized clothing items on the same outfit. A baggy cardigan with a big skirt is a no. If you choose to wear a baggy top your trousers should be slim, short or skinny.

Starting from the bottom, if your skirt or trousers are baggy, a short sweater or top with a jacket or a cardigan will suffice.

The materials have their importance as well: the rule that states that every outfit has to have the same fabric went out of fashion along with frisee hair, so warm and light fabrics are acceptable, different consistencies and materials. Fashion is a game and different tones in one outfit will create interesting contrasts.

Speaking of contrasts, some people like to include a colorful note in an otherwise too dramatic black outfit. I would avoid the black tailleur/dress with a coloured shirt or top, if you don’t want to look like Fiorello at Karaoke night, a colorful accessory, which could be striped or with a pattern, could turn the outfit around.

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