A thermal spring situated within art, history and nature.
Known since antiquity and used from the earliest times for its beneficial properties, Terme Antica Querciolaia is located in the heart of the Crete Senesi, in an area where art, history and nature are inseparable, where colors and shapes have always inspired perfection, peace and silence, taking us back to its timeless primordial atmosphere.

This location, together with the comfort and functionality of a modern facility, makes Terme Antica Querciolaia the ideal place for regenerating mind and body, a place where thermal well-being is part of a global lifestyle, where the water’s beneficial virtues are combined with the wisdom of expert hands, the pleasures of the treatments, the authenticity of a stay in one of our agri-tourism residences, legally recognized by the National Health System.

History records an illustrious guest who benefitted from the thermal spring’s curative properties: Garibaldi, the hero of the two worlds, who came here to heal his wound from Aspromonte:

“The Rapolano baths removed the remains of some damage to my left foot and the effect was instantaneous. This gives me a good opinion of these baths, so that I plan to continue here for several days” (August 1867).

The Baths: hot, temperate and cold
The most immediate way to enjoy the beneficial and regenerating thermal water heat is without a doubt by immersing oneself in the pools, letting oneself be pampered by the mystical and evocative atmosphere of the thermal vapors: a healthy bath to return vitality and harmony to our body, and to renew our psycho-physical equilibrium, far from the stresses of daily life.

Within the establishment, Rapolano’s ancient thermal system has been re-constructed following a unique model, in an historic destination for health pilgrimages, with a system that involves the “simultaneous presence of cold, temperate and hot waters”. The guests have at their disposal a series of covered and uncovered therapeutic thermal pools at various temperatures (hot pools 39° to 40° C, temperate pools at 30° to 34° C, cold pools at 22° to 25° C), which can be enjoyed depending on the season and the most appropriate thermal treatment. The sheltered entranceway allows access to the “outdoor pool” in colder seasons, making the bath pleasant and enchanting even on weekend evenings.

Center for Well-Being: to give your body the attention that it deserves
The Center for Well-Being at the Terme Antica Querciolaia offers its clients a wide range of treatments aimed at recovering a perfect psycho-physical state; with treatments for the beauty of face and body, and massages from Oriental and Western traditions, both aesthetic and curative in scope. These treatments combine the manual ability of expert personnel with natural products and technological research.

The Thermal Cures: Water in its many forms
Terme Antica Querciolaia offers a wide range of thermal treatments and cures, responding to clients’ various needs, from therapy to prevention to well-being. This range results from medical research and a wise use of the thermal waters, which in varying ways release their natural therapeutic virtues.

The thermal water itself, collected in dedicated basins, helps the muds to mature, transferring to the clay those mineral substances that are essential for our body’s health. The thermal mud applications are especially effective for curing illnesses of our body’s locomotive apparatus. Besides having an analgesic and anti-inflammatory action, they aid in the skin’s cellular regeneration, counteracting the phenomena of aging.

And then the water, mixed with air or vapor, by way of nebulizer, vaporizer or inhalation, is extremely useful in curing and preventing many illnesses of the ear-nose-throat, and respiratory pathologies in both adults and children.

The thermal establishment is recognized by the National Health System, so our customers can taken advantage of a treatment cycle by presenting a doctor’s prescription.

Telephone: 0577-724091

Website: termeaq.it e-shop.termeaq.it

Headquarters address:
Via Trieste, 22
53040 Rapolano Terme (Siena)

All holders of the Village Card will receive a 10% discount on treatments at the Well-Being Center (except on already-discounted packages) and on subscriptions, for access to the pool park (with the possibility of shared subscriptions for family members, spouses and children).


Village Card e One Day Card: 10% di sconto sui trattamenti del centro benessere (esclusi i pacchetti scontati) e sugli abbonamenti per l’accesso al parco piscine (con possibilità di condivisione abbonamento tra familiari, coniugi e figli).

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