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Murgia Enjoy

Murgia Enjoy born from the desire of President Leonardo Losito to promote, protect and enhance the Murgia offering hiking and cultural events. Over the years, during the events offered free of charge to various voluntary associations (Legambiente, WWF, CNGEI, Fare Verde, etc.) and his friends trekkers, others who share its goals were complemented by creating a team of enthusiasts environment.
The presence of this team and its experience, success acclaimed by several hundred participants, the desire to invest further in this passion always performed with attention to the participants and the environment, imposed, in compliance with current laws, better organization.
This raises an organization "with the credentials" (from a legal point of view, insurance and tax) to which organizations, associations, schools and individuals can turn to with serenity.
Today Murgia Enjoy, apolitical and non-profit, proposes:

  • the promotion, protection and enhancement of the territory;
  • the cultural, social, environmental and tourism;
  • creating moments of socialization;
  • the inclusion of disadvantaged people because of physical, mental, economic, social and family in cultural and recreational activities;
  • health care for the disabled or seriously ills;
  • the realization of cultural and gastronomic routes;
  • the organization of guided tours, educational excursions on nature trails;
  • the development and drafting of artwork;
  • the proposal for research and advice to the individual citizens, schools, public and / or private associations;
  • the promotion and awareness of environmental protection, landscaping, food production and crafts, local cuisine;
  • care of the publication, production, distribution of books , booklets and video to disseminate the issues related to the activity;
  • the dissemination and knowledge of electronics, telecommunications, computer science, astronomy, caving and amateur radio through public meetings and / or workshops;
  • collaboration with other associations for activities that share the statutory purposes;
  • the support at public events with the creation of mesh radio;
  • the performance of any other similar activity, complementary and connected to those listed above to raise funds needed to finance core activities and thus aimed at achieving institutional objectives with respect to the provisions of the current legislation.

But Murgia Enjoy propose much more attentive to the needs of the participants and with the crucial support of professionals and experts that made what could be mere walks, real cultural events.

All activities are open free of charge to minors , ex-offenders , patients of community - therapeutic rehabilitation , cancer patients , people with physical disabilities and / or mental disability, people with various allergies or intolerances . Such terms should be communicated well in advance to allow the presence of a referent health in order to make possible a safe participation in all aspects.

Anybody wants to collaborate actively in the events of Murgia Enjoy, sharing its purposes, it can offer their knowledge and skills by writing to Murgia Enjoy propose a deal of interest.

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