Ducal Palace - Mantua

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Mantua’s Ducal Palace is one of the biggest and most complete Italian architectural complexes, which has been hosting a national museum since the beginning of the 20th century.
The Palace was first realised as a small building by the Bonacolsi family at the end of the 13th century, and then developed over the course of four centuries (from 1328 to 1707) as residence of the Gonzaga family, which ruled over Mantua and its territory.
In 1328, when Luigi Gonzaga increased his power after having defeated the rival family, the Magna Domus and the Palazzo del Capitano (Captain’s Palace), both facing Piazza Sordello, added to the Corte Vecchia (Old Courtyard) of the Gonzaga family’s palace.
Then in 1459 the Court settled in the imposing Saint George Castle, built at the end of the century in a place isolated from the other palaces.
Architect Luca Fancelli (Domus Nova 1480-84) and painter Andrea Mantegna (well-known Camera degli Sposi (Bridal Room) 1465-74) contributed to the decoration of its rooms, salons, and galleries.

Ducal Palace - Mantua


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