Bon Ton & Tracksuit

Bon Ton & Tracksuit

Bon Ton & Tracksuit

By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

It’s easy to say tracksuit.

It is the typical controversial kind of clothing: it stands among sport, home life, sensuality and new snobbery.

Etiquette and tracksuit in the same sentence? This might sound weird, and, generally speaking, I would say that you are right; but no one can avoid the tracksuit, of course it has to be clear that there are many kind of tracksuits.

Here we begin, and here we finish.

There is the gym tracksuit, which is made for sport, with high tech fabric, that can be also basic and functional. It has just one strict rule: you can wear it only for your workout, it arrives inside the bag and comes back to the bag, it can’t be worn on the road from home to the gym. And it smells good every day. That’s all!

Someone thinks about the tracksuit as a uniform, and buys 3 or 4 identical tracksuits, once he has found the perfect formula. Someone, with a different point of view, can’t wait to wear it out so that it can show the hours of effort on the treadmill or with the barbell. Some others think that the tracksuit is like any outfit to show off, so they look for the trendiest model, following colors, cuts, and hottest brands, choosing accurately sport shoes (an extra chapter is dedicated to sneakers), as they see the gym or the tennis club as a runway. Who is right and who is not? Well, everyone is right indeed. True elegance stays in feeling at ease in any context.

During the years, the tracksuit has become an item of clothing with its own rules also in free time. And we are not talking about the item for the housework, hidden into the storage closet, but about items in cashmere, chenille, high quality cotton fabric, always in plain color and in the simplest cuts, it can be with zippers, v-necked or round-necked. Matched with the typical slipper “furlana” and the right sock, they are perfect also to welcome the guests in formal occasions. Everything depends on the jewel you are wearing: cashmere tracksuit and carat on the finger, the result is guaranteed!

Avoid the flared trousers, the sequin tracksuits and the tracksuits which enhance the wasp waist. They immediately give a caregiver-look effect!

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