Beach and Bon Ton

Beach and Bon Ton

Beach and Bon Ton

By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

The dress suit: what (not) to wear at a ceremony.

It’s time of Confirmations, Holy Communions, Baptisms and weddings. And of veils, scarves improperly resting on shoulders, cozy shrugs, triumph of face powder and of the bag combined to sandals, jackets, socks and waist.

If it was for me I’d abolish the word, because the abuse of the “fru-fru” that justifies the denomination "ceremony" makes look sober even a circus tent. Everyone makes mistakes, even in the best families. "More is more", "better to abound than to lose", "my daughter will get married only once", "it’s a day to remember" resound in me like announced accidents. If you then fall on a Royal Wedding season like this year, the desire to dream of excessive laces, showy prints and colors that can be easily spotted from over 900 meters, we can rest assured that: going through photos of a moment to remember after 10 years will make our hair stand on end to the point of wishing for a prolonged amnesia and a serene return to good morals.

My point of view is anything but politically correct and the message is loud and clear: when you enter a store you have to aim for elegance that in such cases is a mathematical formula that does not forgive anyone. The factors are: own measures, role and context. You have to feel good in your shoes and in your role, know how to move with what you wear and not try to imagine being someone else for 24 hours, if we don’t want them to become the longest and most exhausting 24 hours of our existence.

Those who have never worn a tie should train: how are you supposed to wear one for a whole day when you have never tried to be comfortable and done up with a tight accessory around your neck?

The same applies to scarves, heels, hats and hair: do not wait to have all eyes on to do something that you are not familiar with.

Furthermore why do people feel the need to be noticed at all costs? Why the lace shrug? Why the unique cut jacket on men (even seen long to the knee) when in the best case it’s the only one in the wardrobe?

Have you ever seen a sheath dress with or without sleeves with an authentic or fake jewel?

Do you appreciate the sober elegance of a blue blazer that suits everyone, male and female including newbies? And about the latter, do you know that it’s jewels, ties, socks and special scarves friendly to which one can apply to for small and single excesses if they guarantee a distinguishing element?

Take advantage of the ceremonies to create a whimsical style but compatible with good taste, the famous dress "to wear again" that just reformulates with the right accessory and totally changes appeal giving each time a new look : make fashion and don’t let fashion make you and above all get some good advice, firstly, from the mirror. It is not enough that a dress is beautiful or recognizable just because the blogger of the day wears it: it must look good on you.

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