Sun, rain and Bon Ton

Sun, rain and Bon Ton

Sun, rain and Bon Ton

By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

Watch the weather forecast and forget about it!

The watchword of this month is: unpredictability. Irritating, fascinating, adrenaline-filled unpredictability. Complaining is useless, and, as a conversation topic, it works only in Great Britain. For the ones, like me, who like transforming the misfortunes in opportunities, the days with an undefined weather forecast and climate are an occasion, for shopping lovers, to unleash the art of mix matching accessories and clothes that in other seasons risk to be moved to the background; of course, always with a cough syrup at your fingertips.

What am I talking about? About cardigans, twin sets, light overcoats, pashminas, scarves in shatoosh (not to be confused with the regrowth called shatush…), capes, cachemire cloaks, but also tops, turtlenecks and anything which can appear and disappear if needed, allowing us to play with colour matching that, in other seasons, or even during an entire day, would be maybe too much.

Just remember that, like the rain, which appears all of the sudden in a sunny day, in this season it can happen also the opposite thing: maybe we go out with the yellow raincoat just to find us in a beach climate.

In this scenario of climatic hysteria, among the ones who justify any kind of nastiness with the excuse of meteoropathy, and the ones who absolve themselves for not having guessed right an outfit, for women the main protagonist is the oversized bag: trying to avoid the “porter” effect, counting on a spacious accessory allows you to make appear and disappear, just like the sun or the clouds, everything which can be needed to adapt to the climate of the moment, sunglasses included.

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