Sales and Bon Ton

Sales and Bon Ton

Sales and Bon Ton

By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

Christmas holidays are over, but the party begins now. Yes, because the sales period is the one which reconciles us, shopping lovers, with the real world. If Christmas made us dream, the moment in which the calendar says: “Sales” we convince ourselves that Santa Claus really exists and that he is thinking about us. In fact there is nothing better than beginning the New Year’s resolutions with a new collection of clothes. But everything has to be done with taste and bon ton, that’s why I am here.

The first rule is fixing an objective, the second one is fixing a budget. More than bon ton tips, these seem to be the prerequisites of a business plan, but we know that sales are created to make real bargains, so it is better to mix bon ton with good sense.

Don’t go shopping randomly: if a jacket is the object of desire, or a bag, or a shoe, or a snowsuit, just begin with that one. Being distracted is particularly easy and, especially during sales, timing is everything. Any minute now, the object of desire could end in someone else’s shopping bag.

Basic is the basic: if fresh air is not your strength, but you want to start the new year like you have a blank page in your hands, start from the basic: black, blue, traditional cuts. Classic clothes like blazers, sheath dresses, khaki pants or total black tops. Both for him and for her, you will need some timeless items to avoid mistakes in shopping. But…

Don’t be classic at all costs: sales days are also an occasion to be frivolous. If you find a pair of spotted shoes, or a python belt at a fair price, reward yourself with a touch of eccentricity, it doesn’t matter if you will use it twice a year. If the price tag doesn’t scare you and the mirror neither, go straight to the cash counter.

And, after the 5 golden rules, let’s come to the true bon ton

No to bulimia. Entering in a fitting room full of clothes just for leaving them in a corner: this doesn’t make sense. Bring with you just what you want for real.

Time is money. Both for you and for the others. It is right to try on clothes, but don’t linger in front of the mirror, doing selfies, just because you have to wait for the acceptance of your followers. You will avoid the invectives of the people waiting in queue.

First come, first served. If you have pointed the object of desire simultaneously to other customers, avoid making scenes. It is won by who has pointed it for first.

Forbidden words: discount, restitution. During the sales there are people who dare to ask the cashier to round off. If during the rest of the year asking is legitimate and responding is good manners, don’t carry things too far. Moreover, buy only if you are fully convinced: bringing back an item a week after the end of the sales doesn’t make sense and it is not always successful.

At the end: always mix and match. Never put on together all the clothes you bought on sale. It communicates that you were just waiting for that. Get wise and follow the rules of your grandmothers: something old makes the newer one even newer. And vice versa. Have a nice shopping!

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