When it's raining outside

When it's raining outside

The gloomy days ruined the show off plans of the spring / summer collections during the several long weekends, but left room for reflection on what to wear when the weather says no!

By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

Rain, hail and storms didn’t stop Italians queuing up on the highways for the long holiday weekends , but a quick zapping on Instagram was enough to see how improvised outfits given by unusual combinations born from last minute purchases mixed with the wardrobe vacation homes have sparked the imagination of those who, already are projected in a season that is slow to put its nose out definitively, but see the clouds as an opportunity too.

Reasoning-encouragement: the rain is annoying, it’s a fact. Either for the hair style, the clothes of raw silk and the suede shoes (if not now when?), but not quite the gray sky. Because gray is the neutral color par excellence. It brings out whites, blues and absolute blacks, as well as the brightest colors (it’s not by chance that raincoats and iconic umbrellas are always yellow or red) and for those who wear gray to normal things, it creates a ton sur ton that is quite becoming. Plus the gray day has no shadows, did you ever think about it? Translation: in your shots for social networks you won’t have dark circles, you will have fewer signs, and it is all saved time for the retouching filters.

The gray and rainy day is therefore a good pass for garments that would hardly find a place in this season but that are often a temptation, at least once in their life. Here’s my list:


  • Rubber boots that are high or low on the ankle, provided they are very colorful. If in winter they need heavy socks, because they tend to be cold, in spring a normal cotton sock solves everything and keep a ballerina in the bag or a cotton or rope shoe with rubber sole, it’ll do in case of weather improvement. Why in rubber? Because the rain passes, but the puddle remains!


  • Cropped trousers not to be confused with “pinocchietti”: they call for the ankle boot, made of rubber or not, but also the low shoe if the ankle allows it. With or without stockings, even in lighter fabrics like linen, cotton or printed silk. The guarantee is not to get the edge wet, so they are a must when it rains
  • Patent leather shoes. For those who just won’t surrender to rubber boots, not even in the name of fashion they are perfect if it doesn't rain too much because they protect and bring joy.


  • Jackets, coats, and even leather trousers, never go out of style and can be combined with almost everything: a sporty t-shirt under the studded jacket as well as a cashmere or pearl turtleneck depending on whether you feel more like Stephanie or Caroline.

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