Transitional season and Bon Ton

Transitional season and Bon Ton

Transitional season and Bon Ton

By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

Transitional seasons, the art of overlaying clothes with style
If the calendar says April and the weather is a huge question mark, let’s try to see it as an opportunity and not as a tragedy.

For many years it has been said that transitional season don’t exist anymore, mortifying a part of our wardrobe.

The good news is that transitional seasons are back. Maybe we are not talking about the “Damned Spring”, the famous Italian song by Loretta Goggi, the Spring of sweaters and jackets in the morning, t-shirts at lunch and pashminas in the evening; however, in a situation between the great heat and the warm Winter like the one which has just finished, it would be desirable to have a couple of not so rainy months, in order to make possible to zap among overlaying different textures, several accessories and textiles thought for being fresh or protective when needed.

Denim, also in this season, is the main protagonist, and it is the right moment to put on again jeans jackets enriched by sequins, prints, studs and insertions of precious textiles: it is useless to take out the old ones, hidden under layers of dust. Let’s buy some new ones, modern and funny. They are suitable for this period till June; they are useful to de-emphasize a rigorous pants suit in the first hours in the morning or for the happy hour, when we have no time to change clothes after a long day in the office; they make a classic black dress very rock, to ensure an entry with all eyes on you. For men, even the most rigorous blazer will become interesting if, before riding a motorbike, we add a more glamourous layer.

Twin sets, mismatched and polo shirts will do the rest. What is the bon ton trick to overlay clothes, being sure not to argue with the thermometer, such variable during a warm or a fresh Spring day? The watchword is comfortable: wear only clothes with comfortable textiles, not easily “creasable” and that can be overlaid when needed. A shirt that becomes full of wrinkles right after the first motion is not suitable for being put under a sweater and a jacket, just to say.

When you overlay clothes, bear in mind that the layers should communicate with each other: I am not talking about total look combinations, but about harmony. And I am also talking about autonomy: we shouldn’t feel naked, if we were missing something, but we shouldn’t also feel overloaded, if we added something else. Choosing light clothes, of course, is the other rule: wearing several layers like on the ski slopes is another chapter, and for this there is plenty of time. At least two seasons, I think.

To cap it all, men: do you know that the jacket cannot be taken off without asking for permission, remaining only in shirt? If you are planning an informal situation in which the jacket comes and goes, choose therefore a polo shirt.

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