It Bag. The one that you like and that makes you feel irrationally lucid.

By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

Take a trophy and decorate it with handles or laces. When you meet an It Bag, you should know that you are not handling a simple bag but something extremely rare, iconic, very expensive - ça va sans dire -, and so desirable that it will take your breath away. Then, if you notice it is “limited edition”, you are damned to an inevitable fate:





Everything started from Grace Kelly, in honor of whom the mythological Hèrmes bag was baptized, still today seducing fashion lovers. Before it, the matelassé Chanel bag, adequate for a lady, for an important wedding… To be mentioned also the monogram trunks by Vuitton, Prada and Gucci, that from Wallis Simpson on marked the ambition of many generations.

Minimal or particularly recognizable, tiny or huge, every season has its bag, including times of crisis.

How can you recognize an It Bag? Well, not in terms of praticality indeed. A work of art must be loved, not understood. Clearly, since its vocation is to mantain and carry the unnecessary as necessary, the main purpose is one: to define in the shilouette the status and the power.  As if it was the only owned object.

Talking about ways of carrying it before than fashion, we observe a phenomenon: whether it is carried in a hand, tiny and delicate, or it is under an armpit, on the shoulders or on one shoulder or as a crossbody bag, the bag conditions the movements, intervenes on the posture and it defines it. And this is the usefulness of the bag. The contribute given by this accessory to the identikit is to function as a style-meter: the mini cross-body bags recall graceful poses, it is natural for women of all ages to put the hand on it, refining even the most majestic figure. The classic clutch claims glamour even on an irreproachable tailleur, and for this reason it comes back again and again. This is valid also for the duffel bag which claims praticality, organization and will to have everything under control, even if inside there are only useless things.

Which will be the It Bag for Spring?

Don’t look for a sense in it, hide it inside it. There’s always space for it!

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