Bon ton ceremony for the kids

Bon ton ceremony for the kids

Prince for a day or for a lifetime, this is what a mum should know in front of the wardrobe

By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

Since the Royal Baby has just arrived, and since the arrival of Summer is having some troubles, I want to postpone the theme “look” to the next appointment: I want to analyze the topic of how to dress for the occasions of a baptism, of a holy communion, of a confirmation, which is a subject that interests every season.

Maybe I will sound as boring, but it is better to remind you that the excess should remain on magazines and on influencer’s posts, elegance and sobriety should be the key. Baptisms, holy communions and confirmations are generally short ceremonies which don’t oblige to stand on feet or in uncomfortable positions. Well, this is not a valid excuse to show a 13 cm heel.

Having said that, I would say:

  • I would say absolutely no to skimpy dresses or short skirts;
  • I would say absolutely no to exaggerated tears;
  • Too bright colours, glitters, brilliantines and studs are better for an 18-year-old birthday, if you really need them…
  • Black and white, colours which are normally banned in the weddings, are admitted.

In the Instagram story of the ceremony in the church is better to wear a shrug, a dress with a strap, not too short, a pastel pants suit, a dress with small patterns like flowers or geometric patterns non-optical and not too contrasting to avoid the fashion-week effect. Who chooses a classic sheath dress should wear also a silk or shantung maxi-scarf, not too shiny, to cover the shoulders and to be left inside the car when you pass from the church to the dance floor.

I would avoid absolutely an all-matchy-look, with grosgrain from hat to shoes, while a jewel, if it is an important one, it’s ok…

These rules are valid especially for new mums, in the day of baptism, because often they look like receptionists for the banqueting room. We should also consider the fact that the baptism is usually a few weeks or months after the childbirth and not all the mums are perfectly fit: please, don’t recycle the pre-maman dresses, and don’t squeeze yourself into wrong sizes, just focus on comfortable lines, on waterproof textiles, on regurgitation proof colours. Fashion is beautiful when it is also smart.

For all the other mums, struggling with holy communions and confirmations, the above mentioned rules are valid with another recommendation: avoid the oversize bag and give a role to mothers-in-law: for you, only mini pochettes or silk clutches. All the rest - from anxiolytics to the reserve of sugared almonds - just give it to anyone else. 

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