Bon Ton and Color

Bon Ton and Color

Bon Ton and Color

By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

Chromotherapy for the final rush before Spring

You don’t want to wait for the fine weather because you already want to wear bright colors and send on holiday total grays, total blacks, total blues? Well, I can’t tell you that you are wrong indeed…

The color, for the ones who don’t usually wear colored, can be an accessory, a detail, a trifle, or an instrument to communicate.

Eminences grise, take note: there is still hope also for you. And there is a surprise as well: the colors, even the brightest, if matched among them in several shades, can become the new grammar of neutral.

You can decide to play with the most hazardous chromatism especially in shoes, scarves, bags, hats, gloves, ties and mobile phone covers.

Let’s start from the less invasive item and then let us carry away.

The basic item, whether it is a pants suit, a dress, a jumpsuit or a coat with a unicolor underneath, should respect the classic palette, while the colored accessory or accessories, maybe in several nuances of the same shade, will be the spice of the look.

Compromises are always acceptable, apart from the look reminding the popular showman Fiorello in the TV programme Karaoke, which means dark-dark and color-color.

You can decide if you belong to the bicolor family, to the tricolor family, to the four-color family or if you have so much experience to dare with five colors. More colors? Only Harlequin. In the first version, the game is easy only in appearance, but the bravest ones can try to dare with ivory and violet-brown, with baby pink and fuchsia pink (because fuchsia is good, if it is not from head to toe…) or with green army, sage green or violet.

Violet, which is particularly fashionable lately, matches also with red-purple color and with cherry red in an almost holy tricolor.

Total white is too “Old Diva’s look” but you like it anyway? Match it with silver and cream white, especially on ski slopes. While the turtledove white, which is too sad, can be revived by blush pink and brown.

Blue fans can have fun with raspberry red, tobacco and gold, or if the blue is a deep night blue, with an acid green, a Bordeaux or a copper red.

Always talking about violet and violets, the quaternary can be completed by milk white, cream and tobacco.

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