Bon Ton & Coats

Bon Ton & Coats

Bon Ton & Coats

By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

The coat: it is the item of clothing of the closet which justifies everything, including half measures, and it is the calling card for our image in the coldest months.

Talking about overcoats, we can define it as an item of clothing which leaves room to drastic choices, even to the ones which turn a blind eye to quality, if buying it is a whim.

Let’s put us in the right distance to consider the extremes of our choices.

We can decide to have just one high-quality coat, a timeless and versatile classic to put on both every day and on special occasions, a cloth to wear out counting on the appeal of the tradition: this is the alternative 1, which is already quite stylish.

Alternative 2 is the construction of a step-by-step closet. As time goes by, we look for the perfect coat, for the perfect raincoat, for the perfect coat dress, for the perfect scarf to use during half seasons, but also for the leather jackets or the shearling leather jackets (for the non-animal rights activists, of course).

Alternative 3 is the “channel surfing”, which is a sort of alternative 1B.

If we choose a centerpiece, it can be blue, black or dark gray both for men and women, actually on a woman a classic man’s coat is sexier than any other item indeed. Following the suggestions of the moment, we can count also on a low cost item which can be put back at the end of the season together with the sense of guilt, since we know that for color, style and print it would have a limited duration.

This play can be very funny, and it is also funny the right balance between a high fashion item and a classic base for the outfit that we will put on all day long, which can be enhanced or conveniently hidden by a coat, a jacket, a fur or whatever.

Which is the criterion to decide what to do or not to do?

The secret is to look inside our life, before than in our closet.

If the overcoat for us is simply an instrument in order to move from one place to another, we can do a simpler consideration; on the other hand, if we spend a lot of time outside and the social life occasions are many, it’s time to think about a classic, expensive coat.

October is the perfect month.

We can look around, there is still no hurry and anxiety for the cold temperatures, which force us to buy with the urgency of having something really useful; let’s take the sky as a good omen for a warm winter: the useless and delightful choices are my favorite.

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