Wardrobe change time and Bon Ton

Wardrobe change time and Bon Ton

Wardrobe change time and Bon Ton

By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

It’s winter wardrobe change time. “If we want everything to remain the same, everything needs to be changed” (The Leopard – Il Gattopardo)

Shopping addicted or immune carrier of shopping bags, this is the month for us!
The wardrobe change period, that for many people represents a real drama requiring a lot of time, patience and management skills, for the people who love to play with outfits and reinvent themselves season after season, it is the best weekend of the year. And it is fundamental, for us, to add an excuse to the #HundredGoodExcuses which crossed our path.

What does it mean for us, shopping addicted, to dedicate completely to the change of clothes in our wardrobes? It means to respect the first commandment: make space in the wardrobe for new beautiful stuff.
Let’s be clear: basically we have two certainties. The first one is that we have everything; the second one is that we don’t have anything to put on! And now I am adding another one: there is always a good reason to be tempted by the purchase of something new, when the new season is knocking on our doors. It is a matter of self-respect, we are not looking for the absolute truth.

But let’s come to the rules, starting from an indisputable outline also by the ones, after watching us at work, who have already asked for an Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment.
irst of all, in the change of clothes in our wardrobes, it is fundamental to have idea of what we would like to keep in the first part of the season: the “neutrals” such as blazers, jeans, comfortable shoes, light blue shirts for boys, neutral tops and sheath dresses for girls and cashmere sweaters to put on the shoulders if the weather changes. Then, it’s time to take action.

What doesn’t fit us anymore, will never fit us again: we don’t have to find the excuse to put them on again as a warning. Their place is not in the wardrobe but in front of the fridge.

Organize the stuff that we have sorted for situation, just to be sure to have at least two alternatives to the main one: a day outfit, an evening outfit, a cozy outfit, a ceremony outfit, a date outfit and an appointment outfit.

Put the eventual accessories and let’s see what is missing to be updated: colours? Neutrals? Something fancy? Something traditional? Fantasy? Geometry? For sure something has already come to mind, so let’s go on.

Methodically placing the clothes is not an art but a science: a tidy wardrobe means no regrets, no resentments, no complaints: do we have a jacket that we would like to enjoy for one more season? Let’s renew it with a tie or a foulard. A shirt suits for all seasons? If before it fitted a pants suit, now try it with a tight mini skirt. Khaki with a blue golf is an evergreen formula? It is the right moment to buy a new jeans jacket: stop thinking that the 80’s one is still ok! There are rules also for the revival: one piece at a time… it’s always been like that!

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