Socks and Bon Ton

Socks and Bon Ton

Socks and Bon Ton

By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

Talking about stockings, the most strict etiquete doesn’t admit any kind of exception. Stockings have to be worn always, even on 15th August, Assumption Day; you can avoid them only if are on the beach, or in a pool party, or something similar.

We all know, however, that recently the “nude” leg has been legitimized. But September brings back the desire to get dressed, that’s why I have decided to start from a very small but at the same time important detail for the women’s look.

The choice? It is between stockings or sheer self-standing tights, 20 or 8 den., which dress the legs and hide all the flaws. They are adored in fact by Kate Middleton and needed by the rigid British Royal Court Protocol.

For her, and every day for the other women, the rule is not so strict but it is always better to know what to do in some situations, especially when bon ton requires the use of tights: on formal occasions, stockings are fundamental. I mean for example, just to understand us, in a ceremony which takes place in a church, as a baptism, a wedding or a funeral, of course. In the church you should also wear close-toed shoes, besides stockings.

Women in uniform, for example, always wear them!

My friend Veronica Marino will marry on a beach in Viareggio, Tuscany: for her, no tights needed, for the other brides, if the ceremony is indoor or in the city, tights are compulsory!

Some recommendations: tights have to be put on without jewellery, watches and useless frills, in order to avoid snagging them, especially if you choose the 20 den., and you have to keep one spare pair if the day is long, because an accident can be always in ambush!

Choose wisely also the size: it must be perfect, in order to avoid the “squeeze box” effect or the stitching marks or the elastic band on the waist that can’t be not noticed by the jealous freinds or avoided on selfies.

Black? Better by night.

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