Bon Ton on board

Bon Ton on board

Bon Ton on board

By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

Whether you are off the coast of Saint Tropez, Forte dei Marmi, Jesolo or Santa Maria di Leuca, the bon ton rules on board are always the same.

High heels maniacs, but also heels maniacs in general… a holiday on board it’s not your thing. On the boat, you have to live barefoot; maybe in the evening you can wear rubber sole shoes, which are supposed not to ruin the teak and you should avoid anything that can be an obstacle like too long dresses or floating accessories.

The nude look is not so scandalous as twenty years ago, so, for the women, there’s the chance to wear crochet swimsuits, sarongs, and, once you sit at the table, beach robes, just a few but important jewels, or high-quality trinkets, which is even better.

The á la garçonne look is very appreciated. Oversize men shirts, with his initials embroidered, can be a valid alternative to a mini dress, the blazer is the salvation both for him and for her, and the white linen or fine cotton trousers are a real must have to flaunt.

Who is convinced that true friendship can’t be put to the test on a boat, has clearly never owned a boat.

Suntan oils, hair lotions and anything which can stain with oil or spoil must be banished. The content of the vanity case is as much important as the content of the suitcase, it doesn’t matter if you are on skiff or on a yacht bigger than a floating villa.

On one hand, the main advice is to have a sober elegance, practical, which doesn’t require any ironing, on the other hand it is better to avoid the slovenliness of the ones who think to wear shorts and t-shirts.

Another thing which is quite important for the guests of the boat is the colour of the tapestry. There is nothing more unaesthetic than a bow with towels not matching each other. It should be the ship owner’s care, to have a kit with the right Pantone colour and to inform the guests about the chromatic range of colours of the floating accommodation (for a weekend or for an extended period of time) but it is also the guest’s care in order to make a good impression.

We remind also that the invitation on a boat doesn’t mean to be alone in the middle of the sea, and this can give inspiration and fantasy also to the ones who want to wear the trendiest look. Before the departure, enquire about the it-bags of the port of destination, study its traditions without mocking them and remember that the most elegant thing is to feel always at ease in every situation, which means, for example, to have a polo shirt at Forte Dei Marmi or a long-sleeves t-shirt or a white and blue striped mid-sleeve t-shirt in Saint Tropez. There are never-ending fashion trends, and it is never too late to know them.

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