By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

Look at high altitude I don't fear you


In this season (minimum) two days with the snow under your feet or outside the windows, no one is denied, not even those (like me) who do not like the cold or too heavy clothes.

Leaving aside the chair lift looks that are not exactly my "game", I want to think of three hypothetical female suitcases divided into localities to manage the after-ski between clubs, beautiful houses and high-altitude parties. Yes, because there are still many mountain weekends and it makes no sense to waste the looks in a single dress code, better to zap among the various options.


Tarvisio. It is a stone's throw away if you are in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The journey is painless. Elegant but not very fashionable. Selective enough to make you understand that the duvet after 7 p.m. is excluded even to take the dog out of the chalet. It lives on aperitifs and on walks, it goes to bed early. Austria is just ahead. This means that boiled wool will be the master: on felted but chic jackets, on red or sugar paper under knee skirts, on clutch bags with wooden or bone buttons or on the profiles of some jackets. The Austrian ones, automatically, to be played down even with black velvet top or gloves, depending on your mood. Jeans stay at home, moleskin pants in all the shades of gray you want. The jewels, one at a time, preferring a brooch to an earring that would risk getting caught on the hat.


Two more hours on the road and you are in Cortina. The nights get longer and maybe even the skirts. The queen of the Dolomites lives on contrasts: if the skirt is maxi, the pull is micro, if the sweatshirt has sequins, the cigarette trousers are super basic. The colour that lives on shades and ton sur ton acts as a glue: mauve green with sage green, cypress green with fir green, bark shatoosh with twin set tobacco and so on. Above all, let yourself be obsessed with oversized scarves and capes. If you brought the duvet on the cable car all day, you are entitled to an elegant jacket, possibly a little bit lived with something that rises and sets according to the temperature. Spritz on the avenue for the vipwatching stays on, gossip near the fireplace gets away. The typical Ampezzo dress only if you have spent the holidays from kindergarten onwards without skipping a season.


For those who have more time and are not afraid of the most demanding kilometers, here we are in St Moritz. Here we are again in boiled wool in all the colours you want and buttons in deer bones, in tweed, in astrakhan, in chenille, in black velvet. The game always ends with the ball in the middle between nostalgic and new arrivals. Around the same tiled stove we find the bloggers with leather pants, the cuccinelle (dressed Cucinelli from head to toe) and the Gucci, meaning not those who have emptied the boutique, but those of the Gucci family, historical "aficionados" of the tourist destination. The style is not democratic but colourful, like the traffic of cashmere from 8 threads upwards, the shades of men's shoes also on women and suede gloves at the elbow always ready to stretch out not for a toast but for a selfie.

If you plan to go once and never again, make sure you have a cream-coloured dolce vita, dark suede trousers and a moccasin. The fur only in the details, the braid only in the fairy tales.

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