By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

Staying at home with style 


The forced cohabitation, extended and already metabolized, opens a reflection that I hope will be understood as advice. 

Do you dress for yourself or for the others? 

If you are part of the first team I’m really happy, you are living this inflicted period with elegance, fun, creativity. If you are part of the second team, I’m here for you: these days already risk being particularly sad and worrying. We should cooperate with life, not with drama, since letting go just because you don’t have an audience doesn’t make sense. 

We all have dresses which are downgraded and worn far from prying eyes, but ours? Not the dresses, the eyes! Slippers which can’t be accepted at the pool, trousers banned from the gym and deformed sweaters won’t improve the quality of our stay at home, but they will worsen it.  As soon as I understood the situation, the first thing I’ve done was leaving the dresses I haven’t worn in the last two years to poor people. Ok, no merit, I should have done it before, but I would like to highlight the fact that there’s no need to block the style during the quarantine.  

I’m talking about who is doing smart working: choosing a more comfortable, but not shabby look is a solution that in my opinion simplifies the concentration. A video call, not so common in the past, now can arrive also without a proper notice. Well, try to not forget bon ton also in these cases, so be prepared: hair clips or sleeveless shirt are not adapted for a manager. The excuse of lack of time doesn’t exist, and don’t’ underestimate the power on our balance of all those activities such as getting dressed, regarding self-care. 

Just a quick jump to the first team: getting dressed for ourselves doesn’t mean stiletto shoes or tie at 8 a.m.. The guidelines are Casual Friday look: comfortable textiles but well-finished cuts. The main idea behind can be a long (don’t know how much) weekend at your friend’s home. This means comfortable enough to move from the table to the sofa without being pressed but at the same time without looking like you are getting out of a gypsy caravan. 

Some tips and tricks: 

For him a sweater without a shirt and jeans in place of classic trousers are ok. Shoes at home must be different from the ones you use to go out for shopping. And this also for more serious reasons. A polo shirt can replace the shirt under the jacket if you feel like you are wearing a uniform when you go to work. Bon ton reminds us that a shirt can’t be worn alone (outside the beach), while a polo shirt yes. 

For her the shoes become comfortable, the heels minimal, the twin-set triumphs, like the comfortable but will-finished trousers. If you are a tracksuit lover, a recommendation: one thing is the gym tracksuit, for jogging, another one is the tracksuit for home. If in these days there are some special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries, you can transform the everyday table into a party table or in a romantic tète a tètemusic and low lights can surprise you, and in this occasion getting dress for the moment can be useful. And it doesn’t matter if the steps from the kitchen to the living room or from the sofa bed to the table in a studio apartment are a few. Looking at yourself in the mirror with a different light will give you one or two hours of distraction.  

Finally, since we have time, let’s focus on chromotherapy, which means the power that the colors have on our mood. Maybe it can be a prompt the make the right choice. Green, color of nature, means harmony and calmness. Do you live in an apartment where there are no plants or terrace, and you can’t wait to have a walk in the park? Green will help you, according to chromotherapy. Blue is another calming, quieting color. It’s the color of the sea, if it lightens it becomes light blue, the color of balance and relief. Maybe for this reason the shirt for office work is often light blue? Let’s think about it. Red is passion, fire, force and warmth. If you are depressed, something red will cheer you up. Have you ever seen a depressed Santa Claus? Yellow is concentration but also joy, appetite, protection. Many flowers in this season are yellow. Starting from the mimosa, the first flower which anticipates Spring and the new Spring-Summer campaign by “Land of Fashion”. These are the colors of outfit suggested a long time ago. Even if they are a sort of placebo, why renounce? 

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