Bon Ton and change of season

Bon Ton and change of season

By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

The art of changing wardrobe, between lockdown and smart strategies.

After the Easter cleaning, done earlier by many this year, we got to the changing wardrobe moment without even realizing it, activity that requires time (which we have), logic (which we don’t always have) and, why not, style (all to be reinvented ).

If, on the one hand, we inevitably went shopping less than usual in recent times, on the other hand, at least for me, one of the creative motivation that filled part of my days was also the hunt for the original match, putting the old together with the new, stating the end of what for too long did nothing but create unjustified gathering between the idea of returning to already dismissed sizes (and the quarantine I don't know about you but it didn't help) and the hope of a return to fashion made on shopping of the "Must have", on the coming season, that we still have to find out what they will be.

All that can hold surprises, and now that there is time, it might be worth doing it well.

Hamletic doubts are hard, sometimes very hard: what do I want to keep? What do I recycle? To whom could I give what I don't like or doesn't fit me anymore? What do I need to take first (or again) to the laundry? What can I transform and update when the seamstresses will open again? And then there are, ça va sans dire, the uncomfortable clothes: the ones you know you have, from whom you cannot separate but you know you will never wear. Or never again. And that we don't want to give away.

The tools of the trade: plenty of hangers, room to place the incoming pieces and accessories (the guest bed?) and, temporarily, the outgoing ones; some boxes for the accessories, a damp cloth for a quick wipe and a paper cloth to remove the dust, while we're at it. And then bags. Of course.

You can proceed in different ways that I always imagine as a club's requirements and think of you like:

The chromatic Club : girlfriends that dismiss everything by colour and that find anything from the beach cocktail dress to the Board of Directors suit. Nothing in common. Just the colour. But they know where to look for it.
The Club where size counts : girlfriends for whom size matters. They arrange the wardrobe by lengths. Short skirt suits down nearby the blouses, for instance, evening gowns up together with wide leg and high waist pants (they are back!) and far from the rest, perfectly folded, one shelf for the tops, another one for t-shirts.
The small and big events Club : girlfriends that dismiss and plan depending on the situation. One door for the day, one for the evening, one for work and one for the free time.
Let’s talks about drawers that I’d like them to be at least 7 : one for sport socks, one for pantyhose, one for pjs and night gowns, one for underwear, one for belts, one for scarves and foulards and one for chic underwear.
Lastly, shelves : where colours and materials make everyone agree, depending on the obsession level. Shall I tell you my opinion? I go with the neck : the V’s with the V’s, the round necked with the round necked, the polo neck with their look-alike ones. But there’s also someone who goes by colour, texture or dividing plain colours from fabric and pattern.
The important thing is finding space. Looks like we find time!

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