Bon Ton & Stivali

Bon Ton & Stivali

Walking around in boots

By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

Tips for the timeless chic footwear between measure and sense of proportion 

They are not exonerated from historical courses and recourses that never see them disappear from the most up-to-date shoe racks, but that, if anything, relegate them to specific occasions. Boots are an excellent investment, when they are nice, to be considered when thinking about a wardrobe that takes shape over time. In this season, among closet swaps and first cold dress rehearsalssome people wonder about which, where, how, when to wear them and have to be satisfied. Here are some ideas.  

The timeless ones: beatles with rubber bands. Brown, black, dark brown. In leather or suede, with the classic black side band or in daring colors, with the smooth urban sole or the tank one to fight the puddles of a weekend in the countryside, they never wane. They require straight and one-color trousers. In case of miss-thin-ankles girls, there’s who dares to pair them with men socks and under-knee skirtDare. 

Calf-length, with low heel or ultra-flat. Closed by a zipper or a ton-sur-ton string with leather, they are best friends during cold dayspaired with a long skirt and wide pants. 

Amazon style: it begins with the classic model, which is flat and leather made; created in black but then transformed into brown too, revalued as chic in its brown with a black upper band version. It works with straight trousers, even colored ones, but has to be avoided in the fox-hunting total look edition (including leggings and red jackets with a blouse). It is rediscovered on over-the-knee flared skirts or with pleated ones, that are back and really loved. With skinny jeans only if there's a blue blazer involved, a house outside Paris, a nearby Martini, a millionaire divorce and no nostalgia for your ex. 

Fur boots. Stay away. 

Cowboy ones: they have survived since paninari were around and they still have their appeal in some reunion, when skillfully paired with comfortable sweatshirts and jeans. Shoulder-length hair, 12-to-12 tan and a good wristwatch are neededBut never for the evening. 

Knee or thigh-high boots, alla corsara model. Classy, but perfect for a class too. They work in the flat version, reach the mid-thigh and complete with a turn-up that reveals the inside. Nappa elasticized leather is okay, neutral colors ranging from beige to greige are perfect. But absolute black is excellent too, especially if on tight-fitting trousers in English Prince of Wales motif fabrics, or hidden by a long and wide herringbone coat.  

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