By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

Shopping starts again : covid free bon ton rules.

If you, like me, have waited with trepidation to be able to go back to your favorite sport, which is for me, the lifting of shopping bags, there are tips tailored to covid, borrowed from an etiquette that never goes out of fashion but also from common sense which is the ingredient we needed and we need the most now after the sourdough starter.

It is known that shopping is not just the act of purchasing. The dress or object, are not just something to cover up with or with a function, there was certainly no need for a pandemic for these pearls of wisdom, perhaps just to stop for a moment and reflect, but this is another matter.

For a period of which we only know the starting date for now, the rules of shopping have been rewritten and with them, of course, also those of dressing and living. And if we heard about the house and new awareness during the infinite lockdown, now that we can go out and go to the shops, the hairdresser, the pedicure and on and off to the ice cream shop, even a bon ton appointment has to be put on the agenda.

Let's start with safety-related issues, where the choice of where is very important : choosing places where the necessary social distancing can be guaranteed: with shops facing outdoors, pedestrian spaces for strolling and close to services such as ice cream shops and refreshment areas. Parking only once, having everything available in structures organized for routes with a clear protocol allows you to fully enjoy the experience.

When entering the shops, wearing a mask, immediately throw an eye in search of the area to disinfect your hands, do it as a rule, as an automatic gesture, and then go to your favorite shelves. Half of our face is covered but the eyes speak a lot: they express personality, gratitude, satisfaction. Practicing speaking with your eyes, however, does not exempt you from the three passwords always appreciated by the bon ton: pardon, please, thank you.

Solidarity goes after or together with security : being able to feel part of a common project, where our shopping helps to support community aid initiatives is medicine for the soul.

Common sense also requires not to waste any time in the dressing room, going straight to what we really want: taking 5 dresses if we already know we just want to buy one makes little sense, and requires big efforts for those who manage a store. We will find friendship and availability, but better not to take advantage, for ourselves, for those who work and for customers like us. Do not linger in front of a shelf, do not answer calls and messages, respecting the rules and distances will be the good essence to dress with our purchases.

Getting dressed to get dressed: what does it mean? If the purchase of an evening dress is on the agenda, having the shoes or the jewel we have in mind to match with it, allows us to better understand what the final effect will be. It was a good rule before, it is now too.

As for the rest, generally speaking, the shopping uniform is made of basic garments, able to not distract from the garment to buy, inside which to be comfortable in order to concentrate everything on the object of desire, which today, perhaps because we have been waiting for it for months, it is worth even more. We deserve beautiful things.

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