By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

I don't know you, but I’m not among those people who are satisfied with winning when sales are on. I want to triumph, thus, during sales I do not make concessions to anyone.

From basic garments to seasonal trends, bargain hunting is one of my favourite winter sports, for which I have developed a scientific technique which starts, you may have guessed it, from the calendar. Official sales start on 7th January. Amateur stuff. Real business has to be done now, when it is early (and cold) to throw an eye on the spring-summer collections, but when we can already guess something for the future of our wardrobe. It’s when the fashion shows of the next collections have just ended that you understand if a fashion is on the precipice or at the bottom of the ravine and then adjust what can be transformed into a new classic. But above all when the discount is almost to the bone and the crowd is finally over.


Inspired by my most chic friends here you can find 5 tips that I want to share with you:


  • Bohemian chic clothes and accessories. Fashion addicted call them Boho, but as a good Tuscan I pronounce it very badly. The most important thing is to understand each other. It means an accurate scruffy style, improvised in the intentions, urban in the use, that pretends a nomad life, yes, between a happy hour and an after dinner and strictly first class. The material to look for: raffia.
  • The battered brown, finally redeemed. Forget the British, as did Harry and Meghan, who say "never brown after six", according to fashion (a little less according to etiquette) one on the other, from the darkest to the lightest and vice versa, browns are fine from morning to evening. Also, and above all, superimposed. And in this case sales help.
  • The coloured leather. Here, maybe a blue leather jacket at full price and with an uncertain future seemed like a gamble in September. But if you pay it at 70%, and you combine it well, the whim is accepted, absolutely accepted! The baby pink, yellow and rouge are also worth. As long as the colours are bold. If you have to dare, dare, it’s so cheap.
  • At the beach all year round. This is an investment, since the recurring history of the look à la marinière exist for as long as fashion has existed. Or at least starting from Chanel onwards. Jackets or cabans with gold buttons, striped turtlenecks, navy blue sweaters or big sweaters. And no fear for the future. This is a boat that does not sink, although every time it is reviewed and corrected, but the trusted dressmakers are on purpose.
  • Always sporty. And anyway, just adjust the shot by abolishing the fluorescent colours and focusing on the classic white, black, grey and blue. Sporty in cuts and materials, refined in details and accessories to match. Suit and round of pearls, with a Martini starting from 6p.m. and who will kill you?

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