Bon Ton & Detox

Bon Ton & Detox

By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

Beauty Farm, detox weekend and surroundings: the looks to avoid mistakes

September for many people is a new New Year: a month of intentions, of throw-back photos that remember (and maybe regret) the summer that passes faster than we would like, with the next holidays still too far away but with many ideas to enjoy a still pleasant climate and some options to better prepare for the colder season.
The beauty farm is one of them. Whether it is for a long or short weekend, a day at the spa or a real path with a lot of diet and good intentions to start again at best, even the beauty farm (spa makes me too corporate) has its etiquette, which starts right from the wardrobe. Let's see together which are the most popular options.

1) Comfortable cuts: the tight-fitting, snug and a little uncomfortable (even if beautiful), for this time, stay at home. More fluttering models are preferred: from the knee-down kaftanas to the pinafore dresses , which have already seduced the most Italian summer of our carnet. They take off in a moment in case of massages, thermal baths and various treatments and are transformed with a scarf or a necklace, when you meet for lunch.

2) Natural fabrics: linen, hemp, light cashmere, raw cotton are the most suitable. Do you go to detox your skin? Anything that contributes to giving the feeling of harmony even from a visual point of view is always recommended.

3) Soft colors, preferably neutral: if we left the total white in Ibiza, or the clinic reminds us, in the beauty farm the more opaque and delicate palette wins. Didn't you know what to do with the apricot-colored cardigan taken by instinct, but not very convincing on everyday looks? Did pale pink put you off when paired with bolder looks? Here all these nuances, combined ad hoc, find the perfect outlet here. The absolute bans: black, dark blue, gray, and noisy colors. Instead, green is welcome in all its shades: from the first harvest olive to the bottom of the bottle, the SPA is very often alcohol free!

4) Flat shoes: heels at home, ballerina shoes, the “furlane”, velvet slippers are welcome. From those monogrammed to those with kids' embroideries, they are the only accessory with which to dare, perhaps in the evening, but always and only low to the ground.

5) Lingerie, swimwear and pajamas: Nothing sexy, nothing sloppy: at the poolside the swimsuit is in solid color and is whole, in the massage cabin the underwear is basic and is made of cotton. The bathrobe is always provided by the structure, while for the night, infinite because you go to sleep early, perhaps the time has come to invest in a good pajama or a nightgown: it will help to understand that, even if the trip is in singletudine, the image that matters most is the one that accompanies us from when we go to bed to when we wake up in the morning.

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