Bon Ton a lavoro

Bon Ton a lavoro

Oggi, l’esperto di bon ton Nicola Santini ci fa lavorare sul nostro look. Segui i suoi consigli per un perfetto outfit al tuo ritorno in ufficio.

By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

Often we talk about the first-day-of-work look, but we don’t talk about the everyday-at-work look. Well, this is because work is like a partner. It doesn’t make sense to wear in a seductive way for the first months and then loosen up. Today my “back to work” is dedicated to the importance of a professional look, not only for the interview but for everyday.

In this hot Summer, the first to be blamed on not appropriate outfits were our members of parliament. “Montecitorio Beach” is the label given by many who considered the dresses of the female members as too revealing and not representative of the institutional look.

Let’s move on the operability, since the change wardrobe is coming.

The rule is always the same: the perfect look doesn’t exist, but it exists the most appropriate look for each context.

Many people delegate, or better to say accuse, the expression of their personality on dresses. The dress has for sure an important role, the problem is that the workplace it’s not the right place to show the shades of the personality, because the most important thing is to show personality, especially if you are representing a firm. So it is important to understand how is the mood of the office. If the context requires for men suit and tie and for women a sober look, of course it’s better not to use patterns or bright colours.

This doesn’t mean a limitation to one’s freedom. Freedom means being yourself even wearing something which reminds why you are sitting behind a desk or a counter in a supermarket.
Then there is the theme of the body shape. It is valid both for men who train and for women with curvy shapes, thanks to Mother Nature or to a cousin surgeon.

The need to show the shapes by reducing lengths or unloosening the buttons has nothing to do with elegance, but also with astuteness. In many cases, immagination is more seductive than insolence.

You know, because everything is ok when everything it’s ok, but at the first mistake you could find the words “inadequate look”.

If there’s a keyword for the work wardrobe, this is “sober with personality”. 

This means choosing dresses which fit the figure and don’t clash with the surrounding environment, but also choosing comfortable outfits to resist an entire day without appearing shabby. If you love colours, you can choose for example an accessory such as a tie, a belt, a bag, or sunglasses on a neutral basis. Don’t choose a total look, because the risk is that it takes over.

If you are yawning by reading this advice, because you feel justified by a creative profession, I would like to to remind you the look of the great Italian and international stylists, people who will be remembered by their style, not for a single outfit.

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