By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

Among the imported traditions it is the one most loved by those who keep an eye on fashion.  

It comes to break the winter that has just begun. Like a blessing: a month and a half before the sales, which means enjoying the fruits in full season and perfect for those who already have an idea of how they will spend the winter with the seasonal wardrobe and have identified the missing pieces to be won at prices tattered. Calling itself Black Friday, I decided to dedicate the shopping day to total black, a timeless colour par excellence, beyond anything and everything. Of the seasons, the sizes, the budget, the style and the amount of black things you already have. With good news: after the era of almost Taliban austerity that wanted there to be black, head to toe, even the most upright icons of style have agreed (or resigned) that even shades of black have its why and therefore you can wear more blacks in the same outfit without fearing dirty looks. This means that in a day of shopping dedicated to black you can zap from one brand to another, certain to combine without making a mistake.



In my ideal Black Friday wish list, if I were you, I would choose this way: 

  1. A short leather jacket that in a layered look can also be covered by a coat and later in the season take its place. It will make the most chaste white shirt you already have sexy and create geometries with the softest wool dress giving it personality. With jeans and a sweatshirt it does too much Grease so I would forget it. 
  2. A good quality cashmere turtleneck that in the coldest winters will hide layers of other shirts without losing shape and style. Under the jacket it enhances the suit, alone with a skirt it is the passepartout for all hours of the day. Anyone who already has one should know that they are never enough. 
  3. A soft and comfortable bag, which can accommodate the necessary for a night out or the perfect hand luggage: for getaways where the weekend is too much and the day trip is too little. 
  4. A total black sunglasses with dark lenses: for a modern Mata Hari. It hides dark circles and creates mystery: the cut is geometric and the appeal to the stars. After two seasons of multicolored glasses, a penalty round has something indispensable. 
  5. A city boot: no heels to be able to walk over the line between the car and the restaurant door, perfect for strolling, for hiding heavy socks on colder days and for slimming (let's face it). Remember the perfect small clutch bag right for wallet and mobile phone? Perfect match! 

Happy Black Friday! 

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