Back To Office Bon Ton

Back To Office Bon Ton

Back To Office Bon Ton

By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

September is the month that for everybody, at all ages, represents the back-to-school edition of life.

September, in its own way, is a sort of January. It is a month of resolutions, it means gym membership time, the beginning of a new diet, it means also weeks in a beauty farm for the ones who can slow down their back to work; for many, September means as well coming back to the old routine with a new spirit, it doesn’t matter if it was one month ago, three months ago or a week ago.

In this scenario of fake Spring, since September is similar to it for climate, for the possibility to enjoy a stroll outside and for the “food resolutions”, there are some rules to live peacefully the fact that, right in front of us, there will be shorter days and a lot of work before worrying again about our beach body.

A nice way to come back to the office and spread positive feelings is to send a message to all people in order to communicate that we are coming back. An e-mail or an SMS is enough in most informal cases, so that we can say that we are available and in a few words we can tell how our Summer was.

One of the good resolutions in September is to tidy up the desktop, if you work in an office. Remember to keep free a 30% space, which is needed to give fresh air and to order your ideas but also leaving space for the colleagues who need to put something on it.

Moreover, I would avoid the back-from-the-holidays look. If normally you use high heels at work, I would certainly avoid sneakers; if temperatures are still high, make an effort and put on at least elbow-length-tops. There is nothing less professional than bouncing into someone who seems to have just left a bathing-hut. A stop at the hairdresser’s is a must. There isn’t anybody, including Barbie, who after a Summer on the beach, in the mountains or in a camping doesn’t need a refresh to the hair.

For the ones who dedicate most of the time at home, a new season resolution can be the renewal of bed sheets and bathrobes. You will still feel on holiday, enjoying an embrace in the cotton or in the linen, that sometimes needs to be renewed.

And if you belong to the privileged club of the ones who can enjoy a detox weekend in a beauty farm, remember that, even if you are wearing a swimsuit, you are not on a beach: sexy bikinis or surf boxers are banned, low tone of voice and discretion are required but, above all, avoid an escape to the nearest fast food if the structure you chose offers you an entire week of stewed pears.

September, if you know how to live it, can be the most beautiful month of the year.

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